Devin’s Inferno

I am – matryoshska in design

A doll within a doll – I must peel back the layers to reveal my yolk

Set in the deepest part of the forest – dry and dormant as winter

At the bottom of the lake – frozen over like Cocytus

            Is a heart, beating frantically

            The Puppet Master’s dead hand still grips it –

Eternity ensnared in his theatre.


I know she can find her way in

Draws out the path with her eyes – strange to me - not as strange as my own

One gaze of lightning – strike the dead leaves that blanket the ground

Ignite in me a fire so hungry – the wind cannot carry it

            Too heady and thick with the promise

            Of an unknown lust -

                        Smell of Soot in the forest air.


I know she can save me

The coliseum life is exhilarating – Nights and Days – churning up the forest floor

Flames licking at my doubts – wounds to be healed are sautered closed.

The lake is boiled down – leaving only his vice over my heart

            She pries open his hand

            Rips down the marionette’s strings -

                        Filling fast the lake with our whispers.


I know there is still work to do

Now that the needle is pointing North – magnetized again – Together we survey the damage

Nothing left of the forest – just foundation charred and barren – his arena left in ruins

Miles and miles stretching out of me – she inspects every acre closely

            And stoops to move aside

            A layer of burnt foliage –

                        Green growth fresh and healthy exposed

She says we can only build up from here.

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