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( Aug. 8th, 2009 09:45 am)

I thought an explanation may be in order about these self studies since I actually have a few people reading this page now. There are 8 poems in total, all relating to who I am and the major events that formed my person up until now. Here in my 24th almost 25th year of living I have chronicled in poem format my adventures from an abusive early childhood, to meeting my best friend Devin, battling depression, drug use, and eventually culminating in finally finishing that BA in English I struggled so hard for until December 2008. If there's one thing I've learned putting together all of these poems, it's developing my own sense of poetic voice and style, which by it's nature is always changing and growing. However, these 8 poems, in order,  mark the core of a book of poetry I am working on and someday will attempt to get published.

Selfishly, all about me, I continue to write my journey.

But please feel free to comment and give any concrit.

Being Sky Clad for the First Time

Earth, Air, Fire, Water

The chant echoes into the night.

Our bonfire whips into a frenzy as we dance and yell


Faster and faster we circle, drawing up the energies all around us

Filling our bodies with the life of all the elements

Until it spills forth from every pore and we stop

 Raising our hands to the sky we perform the conclusion of our ritual

As we will it. So mote it be!

And we collapse onto the grass in wild laughter.


Delighting in our homage to her

The full moon drinks up left over energy escaping our overflowing bodies

We lie naked before her and each other

For once,

Unashamed by whom and what we are.


Devin slides across the soft ground to hold my hand

Our breath still synchronized

And heartbeats still drumming out the ritual’s rhythm

Finally, knowing what it means to be one

While the moon watches over us,

We drift asleep in that small forest clearing.


The only protection needed is the blanket of summer heat

Drawn up around us.



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