Pilot Episode

Paging Doctor House! Paging Doctor House!

Gregory House, you have better things to be doing: watching, listening, and saving lives

Of people you don’t even care about

I’m in need of a specialist - I’ve added my name to your clinic duties.


If only for the autopsy.


I’ve heard a rumor that you like puzzles

Pieces fit together just so or not at all.


And there is your problem, Dr. House

There’s no redemption to being healthy one day and a cripple the next

No improvisation that you are anything but a miserable man

But at least there is dignity in that

Better to die as what you are than as something other people mistake you for.


Pass me some Vicodin - I want to be stoned, numb, and absolutely brilliant

I did a lot of the messy work - used the scalpel to remove everything within

Spilling the jigsaw chunks of me onto your lab table

Even sorted them into nice piles to help you get the picture

Or wait - I think that one goes over there - and maybe this one couldn’t possibly be…

Trauma like that requires a crash cart - But it seems I’ve made due with a band-aid.


Maybe you could figure me out?


Start along the borders and move inside.

Savor the effort to working your way into the center – Find the problem

Pop that pain killer dry and give me the diagnosis Greg!

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